Raw red meat cuts
Why You Should Pat Meat Dry Before Cooking It
By Julia Mullaney
It's all about achieving that golden-brown sear when it comes to cooking any kind of meat, whether it's on a grill or in a cast-iron skillet.
In order to get the perfect color on your meat, you'll need to avoid searing meat with too much moisture on the outside, and make sure its surface is
dry before it hits the pan.
When a meat's surface has excess moisture, the liquid evaporates when it lands on a heated surface, creating steam, which prevents the golden crust we know and love.
To prevent this, use a paper towel and lightly press on the meat to absorb its surface-level moisture and not any of its natural moisture within.
When you're cooking or searing your meat, make sure to preheat the oil or butter you're cooking it in, so the meat's exterior can start to crisp up as soon as it’s heated.
Searing the meat might be
the best way to get a visually appealing dish, but to maximize its look and flavor, remember
to season it with salt.