Alfredo pasta sauce with butternut squash. garlic and Parmesan. style rustic. selective focus. (Photo by: Zoryana Ivchenko/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Why You Should Make Your Own Alfredo Sauce Whenever Possible
By Kelly Douglas
Although buying Alfredo sauce is a great option for days when you're tight on time, it may cause you to miss out on some of its most important flavors. There are simple differences between a store-bought Alfredo sauce and a homemade one, but those slight differences are enough to choose the latter.
Store-bought versions have wildly inauthentic ingredients, like dehydrated vegetables or cream cheese. These extra ingredients not only muddle the classic flavors of the sauce but they also can also make it difficult to produce the correct consistency.
Fortunately, you can accomplish authentic Alfredo sauce in your very own kitchen in only 20 minutes. Just add melted butter and garlic to a pan and fry them before adding in cream and Italian herbs, letting the mixture cook before you add in salt and pepper.