A plate of Cantonese duck and char Siu pork with rice and pak Choi
Why You Should Make Char Siu Pork In Your Air Fryer
By AV Brown
Air fryers have revolutionized home cooking and there are numerous air fryer recipes you can create for your weekly menu. While you can cook your choice of meat in an air fryer, one meat you may not have considered is char siu, a Cantonese sweet-and-savory barbecue pork with a chewy texture and smoky flavor.
Instead of hanging the pork on a special fork and roasting it in the oven, air frying char siu is much cleaner and saves you time. When it comes to putting raw meat in your air fryer, per Air Fryer Market, preheating your air fryer to at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit can kill any viruses to ensure there’s no food poisoning.
To make char siu, cut pork butt or shoulder into pieces and trim off any excess fat, then marinate the pork for at least eight hours. Put the meat in the preheated air fryer, baste it with the marinade to avoid drying, add cooking oil over the top, and cook the pork for 10 minutes; flip the meat and repeat the process.