Why You Should Cook Thick Steak With Low Heat
By Gregory Lovvorn
For some, steaks always seem to either be overcooked on the outside or undercooked in the middle. Grilling the perfect steak may seem like some form of magic, but it’s actually a skill that anyone can obtain with a bit of knowledge, attention to detail, and practice.
While high heat is the ticket when cooking a thin breakfast steak, cooking a two-inch slab at the same temperature is likely to result in a charred piece of meat that is raw in the middle. This is because thicker slices of meat take more time for the heat to penetrate the center of the cut.
Reducing the heat of your cooking surface slows the rate at which the outside of the meat cooks and helps you achieve a perfectly done steak. The center of your steak should reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees for safety reasons, but just remember, the thicker the slice, the slower it needs to be cooked.