Anchovies in olive oil on white background from above
Why You Should Consider Adding Anchovies To Your Spaghetti Sauce
By Grace Lyra Simmons
Anchovies have long endured repulsion in America, but over the last decade, the tiny, silver fish have been campaigning for the acceptance they receive in Italy and other countries. In ancient Rome, anchovies were used in their most popular condiment, garum — a fermented fish sauce that was used in the same way we use salt today.
However, before you cringe at the thought of fishy chunks in your sauce, know that anchovies were probably the base of the tomato sauce used in the pasta or pizza you had in Italy or at an authentic Italian restaurant. Anchovies can melt into the sauce — going texturally undetected — and bring an extraordinary punch of umami and salty flavors to a dish.
If you're new to cooking with anchovies, the best way to give them a shot is to add a few to your pasta sauce along with your aromatics — like onion and garlic — and let them melt into the pan. Just make sure to go light on the salt because the anchovies will already provide most of the salty flavor that's needed.