Strawberry isolated on white background. Flat lay. Top view.
Why You Should Choose Smaller Strawberries Over Larger Ones
By Camryn Teder
When it comes to our favorite foods, we think bigger is always the better option, but new resources show us time and time again that in some situations, less really is more. This pearl of wisdom comes into play when shopping for strawberries, and you’ll find out soon enough why the bigger options of the bunch might not be your best option.
For larger berries like strawberries, there’s a much higher excess of water inside, which means its juices are more diluted and the strawberry’s distinct tart flavor won’t be as strong. While it may seem like a worst choice for your wallet and taste buds, choosing smaller strawberries will give you more of a hyper-concentrated, sweet bite.
Another indicator for peak freshness in a berry is its color brightness, so avoid strawberries at the store that have white streaks or spots and choose the berries that are the most red. Since a strawberry isn’t as fresh when shipped hundreds of miles to a store, try shopping from farms close to home, and they’ll be able to get you a much riper, delicious bite.