Why You Should Be Using Yukon Gold For Mashed Potatoes
By Rebecca Cherico
Mashed potatoes are about as American as apple pie, and even more likely than pie to be on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner. If you want the thickest and creamiest mashed potatoes around, a Yukon gold is your best bet.
Russets are very neutral, even bland, but as personal chef Dionna Mash Garcia puts it, Yukon golds "are just a little more buttery, naturally, in flavor. Then, when you add butter to the dish, it just enhances that flavor even more." These spuds also have a winning texture due to medium starch levels.
The buttery quality and waxy consistency make Yukon golds a natural choice for a creamy mashed potato. To avoid added moisture, you can bake the potatoes instead of boiling which prevents a soggy, runny dish.