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Why You Should Be Making Your Own Chocolate Liqueur
By Chandler Phillips
Not to be confused with chocolate liquor, chocolate liqueur refers to any beverage made from chocolate and a base spirit like rum, whiskey, or vodka. Making your own chocolate liqueur allows you to take out the guesswork with texture and experiment with flavors, and the process is a lot easier than you may expect.
There are two main types of chocolate liqueur, both of which can easily be made at home: thick, velvety chocolate cream liqueur (like Godiva) and crème de cacao, which has a syrup-like consistency great for cocktails. Furthermore, there are two kinds of crème de cacao: dark, which has a stronger chocolate flavor, and white, which is more subtle.
For a homemade recreation of the velvety liqueur, mix cocoa, sugar, milk, and heavy cream in a pot as it's brought to a boil. Remove the mix from heat and let it cool before adding vodka to get a silky, rich elixir of cream and chocolate, perfect for mixing or drinking on its own.
To make creme de cacao, simply combine cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and spirit in a glass container and let it sit for about two weeks. Once the concoction is strained, sweeten it to taste with simple syrup before allowing it to sit for another two days.