UNITED STATES - CIRCA 1910:  Celery  (Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images)
Why You Should Add Celery Leaves To
Your Salad
By Heidi Chaya
Over a billion tons of edible food is wasted globally each year, but sometimes food scraps can be put to good use. Produce scraps can find new purpose in soups, stocks, and even salads, with the most underappreciated remnants being celery leaves.
If you usually chop off the celery leaves and throw them away, consider adding them to your salad instead. The leaves have a more concentrated celery taste, are completely safe to eat, and are also packed with calcium, vitamin E, and fiber.
Celery leaves are bite-sized, require less chopping leverage than the stalks, and complement lettuce, spinach, radicchio, and the other leafy components of a typical spring mix. The next time you have a salad, add some leftover celery leaves to elevate the look and taste — just dry them before adding salad dressing for proper coating.