Apple pie with lattice pastry, traditional pastry dessert for Thanksgiving day, autumn baking concept, top view
Why You Need To Try Apple Pie With Cheddar Cheese
By Elaina Friedman
While there are numerous ways to turn apples into a delicious baked treat, there's nothing like biting into a warm, spiced apple nestled between layers of flaky, golden-brown pie dough. It turns out that adding cheddar cheese to your apple pie is a method that not only adds a new level of flavor but also has a fascinating history behind it.
Surprisingly enough, the origin of apple pies doesn't come from America, but from 14th century England, when farmers would wrap apples in containers known as coffins, apparently using them as "pie prototypes." In 17th-century Britain, it became a trend for bakers to serve pies topped with Wensleydale cheese, so cheddar was the next natural move.
Whether melted on top or baked into the filling, cheese adds a guaranteed zing to apple pie, and Roquefort, Cheshire, and Gruyère are also great as substitutions for cheddar. It’s easy to take your pick of online recipes and enjoy the sweet and savory combination, but if you're still skeptical, consider this — if it works on a cheese plate, why wouldn't it work in a pie?