flying slices of green apple with knife
Why You Need To Stop Running Your Knives Through The Dishwasher
By Betsy Parks
Good knives are some of the most important kitchen tools you can own, which is why putting them in the dishwasher with the rest of your silverware and plates is a huge no. While dishwashers are awesome tools for cleaning and sanitizing, the conditions inside the machine can damage a high-quality kitchen knife.
Kitchen knives are usually made of carbon or stainless steel, and while these materials are sturdy and great for cutting food, they are easily affected by heat and abrasive detergents. Carbon and stainless steel are also vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to water, and even 10 minutes in a wet sink can damage a carbon steel knife.
Additionally, machine washing and detergents can make the metal rust, as well as degrade the knives' handles. Knives placed in a dishwasher can also knock into other cutlery and dishes, dulling the edges of the blade, so no matter how high-quality your knives are, treat them the way they deserve and don't throw them in the dishwasher.