Spices, herbs and curry powders on display at Anjuna Beach Flea Market, Goa, India. (Photo by: Petr Svarc/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Why You Need To Learn How To Make An Indian Tadka
By Stacie Adams
For fans of Indian food, the rich, aromatic spices and flavors make dishes so delicious, whether you enjoy curry, butter chicken, or coconut dal. A special technique called tadka is responsible for these bold flavors and aromas, and the technique is so effective because it's backed by scientific principles.
According to NPR, the English translation for tadka is "tempering," which refers to the practice of adding spices to a heated fat, such as ghee, to extract the essence of flavorful spices. While tadka is an amazing way to enhance the deliciousness of herbs and spices, it also has many health benefits, as tempering herbs and spices ensures their beneficial qualities remain intact.
If you're interested in making your own tadka, NPR recommends heating the fat product on high, then reducing it to medium when you're ready to add your spices. Spices tend to cook very quickly, so you must watch the fat as it cooks to remove the pan from the heat before they burn.