Homemade korean traditional fermented appetizer kimchi cabbage served in ceramic plate over white marble table. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Why You Need To Consider Brining Your Fried Chicken In Kimchi
By Kalea Martin
Brining or soaking meat in a liquid for about 24 hours is one of the most important steps for making fried chicken. Fried chicken brine is usually made up of salted water or buttermilk, but using kimchi instead can really pack a punch.
Similarly to pickle juice, brining fried chicken in kimchi is effective because it combines salt, acid, and spices. Kimchi has the same composition as pickle juice, only kimchi has different spices and its acidity comes from lactic acid during fermentation, not vinegar.
Unless you're willing to wait at least five to seven days to let homemade kimchi ferment, it's best to use a store-bought brine. To make kimchi brine, according to Mike's City Diner, you'll need to puree one cup of kimchi before combining it with double the amount of buttermilk and one egg, and then just soak the chicken in it overnight.