Compact household fridge with door closed is built into cabinet. Teapot with cups is on top. Fragment of interior
Why You Need To Be Careful When Using A Hotel Mini Fridge
By Chase Shustack
It may sound ideal to store your leftovers in a hotel minifridge while on vacation, but that appliance is not as convenient as it looks. While many people know to avoid the expensive snacks that come preserved inside the fridge, the real concern may be whether any food inside the fridge is being kept cold at all.
Not only can electricity shut off while you’re not in the room, it turns out that hotel fridges can be 40 degrees or warmer — too warm for leftovers to be stored. Hotel Management tells us that these mini fridges can actually be a source of noise for guests, so some hotels order refrigerators that shut off for a certain period of time to prevent making noise.
For the best way to keep your perishable food cold at your next hotel stay, just place your food in a large ziplock bag, and get plenty of ice from the property’s ice machine to cover it inside the hotel room’s sink. Those who travel a lot may want to invest in a small, insulated cooler, because waking up to spoiled food would sour anyone’s vacation.