Chilli con carne with ground beef in enameled casserole dish.
Why You Might Want To Avoid The Chili At Texas Roadhouse
By Brianna Corley
Texas Roadhouse has the honor of being America's best-selling steakhouse, but that doesn’t mean everything on their menu will delight your appetite. This includes their chili, which a Texas Roadhouse meat cutting employee revealed is made of ingredients that may leave you wishing you'd picked something else on the menu.
This employee shared that while sirloin leftovers end up in the chain's famous kebobs and Dillo bites, the remaining low-quality, fatty parts are used in the chili. More than that, Texas Roadhouse’s chili isn’t considered authentically Texan by customers since it includes beans in the recipe.
While no news outlets have confirmed the statement made by the steakhouse chain’s employee, other customer reviews seem to concur that gristle sometimes appears in the chili. Actually founded in Indiana, it’s clear that Northern-born Texas Roadhouse still has quite a bit to work to do when it comes to its chili.