baked chicken in a roasting pan in oven
Why You Have To Keep The Oven Door Open When Using The Broiler
By Julia Mullaney
Rotating meat under a broiler gives you a medium-rare cook with a perfect char on the outside without using a grill. Though it may seem simple enough, there are some techniques to consider to get the best performance from your broiler, and there is a reason you should always keep your oven door open when broiling food.
Although the heat source primarily cooks food from the top when broiling, heat still travels throughout the oven, creating an environment where all sides of a dish can cook when exposed to air. If you have an electric oven, open the door slightly to keep the air flowing and ensure that your electric oven doesn't overheat, which could cause the broiler to turn off automatically.
The caveat is that this trick isn't safe for gas ovens, as many gas oven broilers will turn off if the door is open for more than a few minutes. It's also good to note that broiling should be used on thin foods to ensure proper cooking, such as thin steaks or chicken, or as a finisher to melt cheese on any delicious dish.