A room service employee with his hands behind his back.
Why You Don't Need To Feel Bad For Not Tipping Hotel Room
Service Staff
By Jill Robbins
Whether it's viewed as a luxury or just a convenience, room service doesn't come cheap. A simple club sandwich and fries are going to cost you if you want to eat in the privacy of your hotel room, but even though you’ve already spent a pretty penny on this service, it still feels weird to not leave a tip.
According to The American Hotel and Lodging Association, room service servers should be tipped 15-20% if there's no room service charge listed on the bill. If there's already a room service charge, the space for gratuity is an additional tip — and you shouldn't feel guilty about not leaving one.
If your server provided you with above-and-beyond service (extra friendliness or helpfulness, or if they've assisted you with an off-menu item or other special requests), you might consider giving your room service server an additional tip. And if you want to be sure that the tip goes to the person who assisted you instead of being split amongst different workers, remember to tip in cash.