Table set with candlelight and roses for a romantic dinner.
Why Valentine's Day Tasting Menus Can Be A Red Flag For Chefs
By Cristine Struble
From candlelit tables to melodic music, many diners long for a romantic night out on Valentine's Day, and restaurants often promote tasting menus for the holiday. With a set amount of courses specially curated at a predetermined price, these menus can increase efficiency on a busy dining night, but diners may not get a true sense of the restaurant's culinary ability.
Chef Giuseppe Tentori of GT Prime and GT Fish & Oyster explained that from the limitations of food to the cost, these tasting menus aren't "a true representation of the cuisine." Tentori believes that a special dinner, such as Valentine's Day, should be a celebration with a great meal, saying that guests "want their favorite dishes and do not want to be limited by a smaller menu."
As chefs turn to prix fixe menus to combat costs, labor shortages, and other challenges, these curated offerings may not appeal to some diners. If you have dietary restrictions or a craving for a signature dish, the curated menu might leave you feeling a little empty, so if you opt for a Valentine's day menu, be sure to view the menu plan ahead of time.