Why There Will Probably Never Be A Kroger In New Jersey
By Nico Danilovich
While New Jersey’s retail scene is crowded with grocers, such as the food cooperative known as Wakefern, Kroger has yet to enter the Garden State. To have any chance of success, Kroger would need to merge with or acquire another established company in the area, and while it does have a pattern of absorbing companies, Kroger declined to purchase a struggling New Jersey-based A&P.
In October of 2022, Kroger announced plans to acquire Albertsons and its Acme Markets and Kings Food Markets chains, which already have locations in New Jersey (via NJBiz). While this potential 2024 merger could benefit the company and consumers, the Federal Trade Commission has a say in the matter.
In late November 2022, CNBC documented politicians grilling both CEOs involved at a congressional hearing, despite their insisting that the move won't hurt competition. Democrats, Republicans, and the United Food and Commercial Workers grocery union aren't buying it, so it seems unlikely Kroger will sneak into New Jersey through this merger.