Miami, USA - October 20, 2014: Zephyrhills Distilled Natural Spring Water, 1 Gal bottle plastic container.
Why The US Has A Distilled Water Shortage (And How You Can Make Your Own)
By Nico Danilovich
Distilled water is stripped of minerals found in drinking water and has many uses in industrial and household settings to run various appliances, but it is currently in short supply. In recent years, the United States has struggled with water contamination, resulting in an ongoing shortage of distilled water.
An ecological disaster in early 2023 caused by a train derailment in Ohio sullied over a million gallons of water with hazardous materials. Many residents were left skeptical of drinking their own drinking water, despite encouragement from government officials, and opted for clean, distilled water, pushing the demand higher than its available supply.
Rocky Mountain Water Distillers recently explained that these events increasingly disrupt the market, along with instances of local water shortages scattered across the country that have had a notable impact since the late 2010s. Unfortunately, the supply chain issues and lack of labor primarily caused by the pandemic have worsened this trend, making it more widespread.
To make your own distilled water, place a smaller pot inside a larger one partially filled with water so the smaller pot is floating, then bring the large pot to a boil. Place a curved lid upside-down over the top of the large pot for distillation, and as the water evaporates, it will condense and drip into the smaller pot, leaving you with distilled water that you can drink without worry.