EGYPT - MARCH 24: Spices on display in a bazaar in Aswan, Egypt. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
Why The Professionals Skip Decanting Spices
By David Tran
Having a well-stocked spice collection can help elevate your cooking, and when it comes to organizing these essential ingredients, decanting your spices is all the rage on social media. Even though decanting spices seems like the easiest solution to an organized spice shelf, some experts say it may not be worth it.
Whether you should decant your spices largely depends on what you buy, and according to an article on Epicurious, most experts say it's unnecessary as it can be wasteful, especially if the spices are already bought in "airtight tight jars." However, when buying spices in bulk or plastic bags, decanting your spices can help preserve their aroma and freshness.
According to Lior Lev Sercarz, owner of NYC spice shop La Boîte, plastic bags can cause spices to lump due to moisture exposure. If you're buying spices in bulk, Sercarz recommends storing the spice in a large container in the pantry and then having a separate small jar for everyday use.