Photograph in New York City USA - November 05, 2009. A bottle of Blue Moon beer on a white background with water drops and frost. The botttle is casting a soft drop shadow.
Why The 2023 Super Bowl Blue Moon Commercial Was So Confusing
By Kalea Martin
Blue Moon’s Super Bowl commercial confused many viewers, as it dedicated most of the 30-second spot to showcasing Miller Lite and Coors Light, with text at the end saying, “It's a Blue Moon commercial.” Many viewers claimed that the commercial was terrible, with one saying, “Marketing 101: Don't give your competition air time!”
The truth is, the commercial was an ad for both Molson Coors and the online betting app DraftKings. Back in January, Molson Coors announced a collaboration with the app on a commercial and contest where fans could predict the plot of the commercial for a chance to win.
Molson Coors is obviously the company behind Coors beers, but many don’t realize that the company also distributes both Miller and Blue Moon. The commercial will fly over the heads of those who don't know the three beers belong to the same company, but for Molson Coors, it's a total win either way, as people will be talking about their beers.