Two champagne glasses colliding on a black background.
Why Tequila Tastes Better In A Champagne Flute Than A Shot Glass
By Lauren Farkas
Amplifying an alcohol’s flavors requires more than just drinking slowly, and even self-proclaimed booze buffs may be surprised to know that the glass holding the spirit plays a vital role in the tasting experience. This is especially true of tequila, which loses much of its flavor when served in a shot glass and should instead be served in a Champagne flute.
Antonio Rodriguez, the director of production at Patrón Tequila, stated that "the benefit of sipping tequila out of a tequila flute is its ability to retain the aromas at the top of the glass, making it perfect for nosing." As the tequila is poured into the elongated glass, it mixes with more oxygen than when it's poured into a standard shot glass, providing a more aromatic, smooth sipping experience.
There's more to the aeration and aromatic properties that the Champagne flute brings to the table, though — it also makes for a beautiful drink. When served in a flute, the tequila is subtly implied to be of higher quality and deserving of an attentive tasting experience, which prepares your brain to better enjoy the flavors.