Why 'Squeezing' Olive Oil Will Change The Way You Cook
By Chris Day
The internet has gone crazy for a new brand of Spanish olive oil called Graza for its taste and squeezable bottle. In a review of Graza on Bon Appétit, readers are reminded that professional chefs always transfer their olive oil from large containers to smaller squeeze bottles to have more control over how much goes into a recipe or the pan.
Olive oil from a squeeze bottle allows for easy measurement as squeeze bottles allow you to regulate the flow, avoiding waste, mess, and puddles of oil on your counter or stove. According to Food & Wine, using an opaque bottle keeps damaging ultraviolet light out, preventing the oil from turning rancid.
You don't have to buy Graza to discover the benefits of "squeezing" olive oil, as you can buy any squeeze bottle online — if you plan on mixing salad dressing or sauces in a squeeze bottle, look for one with a nozzle that closes tightly, or opt for a mini bottle to keep at work. You also want to label them with the type of oil used and the date it was made.