Grilled pork bbq ribs on ceramic plate
Why Some Chefs Recommend You Start Slow Cooking Your Ribs
By Wendy Gould
Despite the fun of grilling ribs, it's not always feasible when you get a craving, and grilling is often relegated to the spring and summer months. The grilling process is also labor-intensive, so ribs are sometimes saved for special occasions and might not be the best-sounding idea on a busy weeknight after a long day at work — this is where the slow cooker comes in.
To make ribs in your slow cooker, add ½ cup of water or broth to the slow cooker after seasoning your ribs, then insert the meat, followed by chopped onion and garlic. With the slow cooker set on high, the fatty cuts of meat should be done in a little over four hours, then slather them in barbecue sauce and roast for another 10 minutes in the oven so that the sauce can become a glaze.
The result is ribs that practically fall off the bone without the need for a grill, which is supported by chef and cookbook author Kim Laidlaw and chef Jeff Jackson of Smith's in Salt Lake City, who uses a slow cooker to prepare ribs spiked with Dr. Pepper soda, as detailed by KSTU. For the fullest barbecue facsimile, you can turn your slow cooker or Instant Pot into a makeshift smoker, as well.