Flying in air fresh raw whole and cracked pistachios  isolated on white background. High resolution image
Why Pistachios Are Often Sold In Their Shells
By Crystal Antonace
Aside from being a healthy everyday snack, the popularity of pistachio-flavored foods has grown substantially in the last decade. They are sold both in and out of shells, and there is more than one reason pistachio suppliers often keep the seeds in their coverings.
Once the seeds have been harvested by growers, the roasting process works its way into the inner nutmeat through the natural crack that forms in pistachios, which saves processors time and money. There is a large market for in-shell pistachios due to their fun and conscientious consumption process.
Despite the popularity of shelled pistachios, naked pistachios may be cheaper when you factor in edibility and time. A 2018 analysis suggested that shell-free pistachios prove to be just as cost-effective as in-shell pistachios in terms of the final product, and consumers save time not opening the shells.