A red onion on a table
Why Peanut Butter-Stuffed Onions Were Heavily Promoted During The Great Depression
By David Tran
During the Great Depression, the Bureau of Home Economics helped Americans create healthy yet affordable meals, and one of its strangest recipes was peanut butter-stuffed onions.
Once a delicacy reserved for the wealthy, peanut butter became commercialized and cheaper, and therefore, a popular source of protein for many families in hard economic times.
While it may sound like a strange combination, peanut butter and onions actually pair quite well together, as both foods are sulfuric and therefore complementary to each other.
TikTok personality B. Dylan Hollis recreated a 1937 recipe in a video, where he cuts one end of the onion to create a flat bottom and makes a hole at the other end.
Then, Hollis stuffs the onion with a ¼-cup of peanut butter mixed with 2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs before baking it at 375 degrees F for an hour.
As Hollis tried the dish, he visibly gagged, calling it “unsettling.” One commenter joked: “A dessert that brings a tear to your eye. But in a bad way.”