A splash from a glass full of milk on a white background.
Why Milk Is Such A Crucial Ingredient When Making Meatballs
By Crystal Antonace
When it comes to adding liquid to meatball mixtures, milk is often used for its versatility, depth of flavor, and richness, which ensures your meatballs are moist and delicious.
If the ground meat you chose lacks fat, milk will add some, providing immeasurable flavor and keeping your dish moist throughout the cooking process.
Milk is also used to make a panade, which is made from milk and bread crumbs. This mush-like mixture is gently mixed into the meat before being rolled into balls.
Making a panade is a crucial step in the meatball-making process because it keeps them perfectly tender and evenly cooked.
So, whether you're adding a splash or two or using a specific amount to make a panade, there is no doubt that milk is key to crafting a plate of rich and flavorful meatballs.