Paris, France - April 08, 2014 : View of the McDonald's in Paris,France
Why McDonald's Soft Drinks Taste So Good
By Arianna Endicott
You may have noticed that Coca-Cola at McDonald's tastes different from the Coca-Cola you get at other restaurants or stores. There are rumors that McDonald's adds an extra ingredient to the mix or that the syrup they use differs from any other, and while these are untrue, the fast-food chain does make one small change.
Soda machines dispense the perfect blend of sweet syrup and carbonated water into cups, and most restaurants have the syrups delivered in plastic bags. However, McDonald's has its Coca-Cola syrup delivered in stainless steel tanks, which, unlike plastic, don't affect the flavor or the freshness of the soda as it makes its way to each restaurant.
As for McDonald's water filtration system, the water is thoroughly cleaned before being mixed with the syrup — which is pre-chilled through insulated lines inside each soda machine. Although the stainless-steel containers cost a little extra, McDonald's believes it's worth it as the Coca-Cola sales team reportedly can't sell the syrup to anyone else for any cheaper.