Italian pasta fettuccine or spaghetti in a creamy cheese sauce with shrimp or prawns on a plate
Why Long, Flat Pasta Works Best With Rich Sauces
By Sam Victor
Italian chef Lorenzo Venanzi told In The Know, "Flat, long noodles…are best paired with rich or creamy sauces, as the flat surface can hold heavier sauces."
Their broad surfaces act like canvases for the sauce, catching and holding onto it so each bite is packed with flavor. The wider the noodle, the more sauce it can carry.
Rich sauces that pair especially well with long, flat pasta include Alfredo sauce, Bolognese sauce, and pesto. Each provides a perfect balance of pasta and flavorful sauce.
Tubular pasta like penne is a great match for chunky meat or vegetable sauces, while thin and delicate pasta like angel hair pairs excellently with light sauces.