Snack vending machine / snack dispenser selling colourful sweets and chocolate bars in public place. (Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Why Kit Kat Is Both A Hershey And Nestlé Bar
By Kimberley Laws
The Kit Kat is a popular candy bar that has made its way around the world, but the Kit Kats you’ll find in London, Tokyo, Istanbul, or even Toronto aren’t the same as the ones at your local store. While the American Kit Kat is created by Hershey's, everywhere else, it's not.
The Kit Kat candy bar was born in Britain in 1935, but Nestlé acquired the brand in 1988. The original brand owner, Rowntree, had a distribution deal with Hershey's, allowing the company to produce and sell the Kit Kat bar in the United States, and the contract remained in place after Nestlé’s acquisition.
The two Kit Kat bars taste very different, as chocolate in the U.K. has more cocoa and larger amounts of fat, while chocolate in the U.S. is more reliant on sugar. In addition, Nestlé offers a wide variety of Kit Kat flavors, particularly in Japan where there are roughly 40 varieties each year, whereas Hershey’s flavors are much more limited.