Chef Julia Child posing w. assorted rolling pins.    (Photo by Lee Lockwood/Getty Images)
Why Julia Child Always Had Goldfish Crackers As A Thanksgiving Appetizer
By Jennifer Waldera
On Thanksgiving Day, Julia Child was likely far too busy performing one of her precise preparations of the turkey and traditional side dishes to also prepare copious amounts of appetizers, turning to goldfish crackers for a simple starter. However, it turns out that goldfish crackers were a deliberate choice as they were one of her favorite cocktail accompaniments.
Today, these fish-shaped snacks may be regarded as a treat to tuck into a little one's lunchbox, but initially, they were served as an accompaniment to cocktails. Since Julia was great at serving spirits (after all, she claimed gin was one of the reasons for her longevity), it seems natural that she'd also serve the de rigueur pairing of the time.
However, it wasn't wine that she chose to sip with those schools of Goldfish on Thanksgiving day. Instead, Julia mixed up her favorite cocktail, a Reverse Martini, which had the same ingredients as the classic — gin and vermouth — but in reversed quantities.