High angle view of many red milk or juice boxes on green background
Why Juice Boxes Sometimes Can't Be Recycled
By Cynthia Anaya
Most of the time, all you have to do to recycle items is place them in your recycling bin, or call a company to have larger items picked up. However, while a typical paper or plastic juice box is made of materials that can be recycled on their own, sometimes the whole box can't be recycled as it is.
A technology called hydrapulping, which separates non-paper materials from paper so that the paper can be recycled and turned into a mush called "pulp," is required to recycle juice boxes. Not all American cities have hydrapulping machines, so depending on where you live, your juice boxes may end up in a landfill.
If your city doesn't accept juice boxes for recycling, you can mail them to a Carton Council facility in Colorado, Nebraska, Virginia, or Michigan to have them recycled. You can also reuse juice boxes as planters, pantry organizers, or as a pouch for pencils, cell phones, and other items.