Parsley Cilantro and Coriander a very similar seasoning plant leaf
Why It's
Worth Buying
Fresh Parsley
And Cilantro
Over Dried
By Crystal Antonace
Besides the unbeatable element of greenness raw herbs can bring to your favorite recipes, fresh-cut herbs also provide your body with many healthy nutrients. However, buying all fresh herbs in one trip is a tad outlandish, so buy the most versatile and beneficial herbs first — parsley and cilantro.
Parsley and cilantro are two herbs that are best used fresh, because they're more delicate than herbs such as rosemary or tarragon. Dried parsley is more muted than its fresh counterpart, so while it can create minor subtleties in your best dishes, fresh parsley imparts a peppery element that can brighten any mundane meal.
Cilantro has a more pungent flavor, and though it can be added to dishes in the cooking process, due to its fragile makeup, the leaves and stems are often used to dress up dishes and serve as a garnish or finishing touch. All in all, fresh parsley and cilantro are good to have around, as their versatility makes them both great additions to your favorite meals.
Parsley’s mild essence can be added to almost any savory dish for an extra herbaceous element of flavor, including simple roasted potatoes, tuna salad, and frittatas. Cilantro is typically used in culturally rich foods with a Mexican or Latin American flair, but its subtle flavor is also used in everyday recipes such as green goddess dressing.