A waitress giving a menu to a customer, who is dining at a restaurant in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Why It's Rude To Order An Entree That's Not On A Restaurant Menu
By Angel Albring
There are a surprising number of ways to break etiquette at a restaurant that you might not even realize; for example, being too loud, not tipping, and stacking plates after eating could actually make more work for bussers. Ordering food that's not on the menu is another act that can seem harmless, but it is considered rude.
Professional etiquette coach and author of "Manor of Manners," Maryanne Parker, explains that ordering an entree that is not on a restaurant menu is a sign of disrespect. It suggests that the customer does not appreciate the chef's expertise or the restaurant's offerings, and it can even cause a delay for other customers if it's a dish the kitchen isn’t prepared to make.
If you absolutely must order something off the menu, then be polite, make a reasonable request, and be prepared to be rejected, as the restaurant won't always be able to accommodate you. Call the restaurant ahead if you have special dietary restrictions, and if your request is granted, then show your appreciation with a great tip.