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Why Is It So Hard To Figure Out What's In A Vermonter Sandwich?
By Betsy Parks
Vermont is known to be particular about its food products, especially the state's most closely guarded and lucrative product, maple syrup, but when it comes to the state's sandwich, it is a little more open to interpretation. A Vermonter is more of a state-of-mind sandwich than a recipe with a strict set of rules, and many variations exist.
Vermont's state sandwich, the Vermonter, typically includes turkey or ham, Vermont-made cheese, mustard, and fresh-sliced apples, but there are no hard and fast rules. For example, Butternut Mountain Farm's version includes maple for a little extra authenticity, turkey, Vermont cheddar, sliced apple, maple-herb compound butter, and maple quick-pickled red onions.
Woodstock Farmers Market’s version includes turkey, sweet apple slices, mayo, and lettuce on sourdough, and August First in downtown Burlington uses smoked turkey, cheddar, apple chutney, red onion, and cranberry mayonnaise on country French bread. The most crucial ingredient is apples, and the more Vermont products you can source for your handheld, the more authentic it will turn out.