Gin Tonic alcohol drink cocktail with lemon zest and rosemary
Why Gin Might Be The Best Liquor For Boosting Blood Flow
By Carly Weaver
The clear, herbaceous, kind-of-tastes-like-a-Christmas-tree liquor we all know as gin flavors many classic and classy cocktails. While no type of alcohol is healthy, there are certainly some spirits that are better for you than others, and gin has many potential health benefits thanks to one of its main ingredients: the juniper berry. 
Juniper berries are not only responsible for the spirit's distinctive flavor — which is similar to pine — but these little blueberry-looking balls are bursting with health benefits thanks to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. These superfoods also contain flavonoids which promote blood circulation.
Juniper berries help eliminate toxins and bacteria from the body, improving blood flow and while cleansing it as well. While aiding good blood circulation is one of the many benefits of juniper berries, the Evening Standard also calls out skin cell regeneration, infection-fighting qualities, and heart disease prevention.