A young woman wearing a fast food restaurant uniform, holding a tray of food.
Why Do We Always See Fast Food Workers Wearing Hats?
By Lauren Wood
Hats are a customary accessory for nearly any type of work and are very important in fast food. Though their style varies per restaurant, fast food employees must wear hats behind the counter for a good reason.
These hats are required for safety, as hair can carry many micro-viruses and harmful bacteria. Shedding is inevitable, and in extreme cases, State Food Safety notes that sizable chunks of fallen hair are considered both a choking hazard and a health concern for unsuspecting patrons.
Sit-down restaurants adhere to health and safety rules, but the waitstaff has minimal contact with food and may not wear hats, and those with longer hair primarily use ties to keep loose strands pulled back from their face. This leaves the cooking to the chef and the back-of-house team, whereas fast food workers are the chefs and are continuously around exposed food.