Pancakes with chocolate spread
Why Chefs Prefer Italian Nutella Over American
By Carly Weaver
Authentic Italian food utilizes fresh, local ingredients from the Mediterranean, so it's not surprising that even Italy's processed foods tend to taste better than the American versions. This is particularly true when it comes to that velvety chocolate hazelnut spread we all love: Nutella.
Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli, owner of Luca Osteria, tells Food & Wine that he grew up eating Italian Nutella, which he says "is far more delicious and hazelnut forward." Many other chefs agree, stating that Italian Nutella is less sweet with a richer, more pronounced hazelnut flavor, while American Nutella tastes sugary and oily in comparison.
The ingredients listed on each jar of Nutella are essentially the same save for the use of vegetable oil in the Italian version. However, Italian Nutella lists the percentages of hazelnuts and cocoa powder while American Nutella leaves it out, so one can assume that Italian Nutella uses more hazelnuts and cocoa to achieve its natural flavor.