Top view of pasta being made from scratch
Why Are People Blending Pasta Noodles On TikTok?
By Elaina Friedman
TikTok is full of trends that people are eager to try, but there’s one trend that has many people scratching their heads. In a video posted by Eithan Bernath in 2021, he breaks apart dried spaghetti, tosses it into a blender, and uses the powdery grinds and an egg to form a dough for “fresh” pasta.
The content creator says the pasta itself is “not terrible,” but many were quick to comment on the absurdity of it. Celebrity chef Michael Symon tweeted he’d rather be hit with a shovel than watch the video again, while one commenter noted that this method actually took more work than making fresh pasta from scratch: “This is just making pasta with extra steps.”
There were plenty of other scathing comments, like "The Italians are coming for you," “That video broke me today,” and a number of vomiting emojis. We haven’t tried it, but considering the textural differences between dry and fresh pasta, we can't imagine ground-up boxed spaghetti compares to traditional flour.