NEW YORK, NY - MAY 08:  Alton Brown attends A Night With The Stars of Food Network at 79 Crosby Street on May 8, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Jude Domski/WireImage)
Why Alton Brown Highly Praises The Classic Cookbook "The Joy Of Cooking"
By Chandler Phillips
As a master of his craft, host of “Good Eats” and professional chef Alton Brown has listed "The Joy of Cooking" in first place of his favorite cookbooks. His love for the cookbook is multifaceted — it has sentimental value as he inherited the sixth edition from his grandmother, and it holds merit as an instructional guide to culinary techniques.
Brown has praised the book for its simplified instructions, comprehensive content, and unmistakable style that defines American food culture. While author Irma S. Rombauer attended seasonal cooking classes, her informal culinary education came from swapping recipes with women at church and community organizations, compiling a plethora of techniques and dishes.
After the death of her husband in 1930, Irma was encouraged to organize her recipe collection as a way to overcome her grief. The first edition of "The Joy of Cooking" came to print in 1931, with more than 500 tested recipes written to accommodate the most novice of cooks, and the "Joy" brand still exists to this day as a food publication and cultural institution.