A grocery bag full of organic products. Top view, eco friendly shop.
Why Aldi Should Always Be Your First Stop For Fresh Fruit
By Elizabeth Pak
Aldi's produce has gotten a bad rap in the past, but things have changed for the store over the years. Aldi has made significant changes to improve its produce's quality and longevity, and the produce even landed on Reader’s Digest’s list of 15 things to always buy at Aldi.
Unlike some stores, which may leave produce sitting out for days, Aldi has fresh produce delivered daily and restocks shelves accordingly. Aldi's website also states that you can find a new selection of Aldi Finds weekly — limited-time products at a reduced price — including fresh, seasonal fruit.
While Aldi may not have a diverse selection of fruit options all year round, you can always count on there being fresh and affordable seasonal fruit in stock. In addition, the grocery store giant offers organic options at better prices than its competitors.