Pound cake with orange glaze.
Why A Butter Knife Is Key For An Extra Flavorful Pound Cake
By Haldan Kirsch
While the pound cake’s recipe is simple, the decoration doesn't have to be — you can wrap the whole thing in fondant, leave it plain, or add fresh fruits, frosting, whipped cream, or lemon curd. One great way to dress up a pound cake and add tons of flavor is to top the cake with a glaze using a butter knife.
Putting thin, near-invisible slits into your pound cake with a butter knife before you add your glaze lets it flavor the inside of the cake as much as the outside. Instead of simply coating the exterior, the glaze trickles into your freshly baked cake and brings tons of flavor with it.
If you're taking this extra step, it's best to do it while the cake is still warm — poke holes in your cake once it comes out of the oven, pour the glaze over top, and then poke a few more holes to ensure that the glaze is making its way inside. It’s best to use a runny glaze, such as a simple mixture of sugar and lemon juice.