Pouring a glass of whisky with ice, in a dark background.
Why 1984 Is A Bourbon Collector's Favorite Year
By Stacie Adams
Rob Samuels, COO at Maker’s Mark, says there are five factors that make bourbon unique: water is the only extra ingredient allowed, it must be at least 80 proof, at least 51% of the mash must be comprised of corn, it must be a product of the USA, and it can only age in a brand-new charred oak barrel. The age of a bottle also plays a huge role for collectors.
For bourbon collectors, 1984 is a magical year, because it was the year Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon was born, which was the first to produce a “super premium” bourbon. The year is also the birth year for one of the most sought-after vintage bottles, LeNell’s Red Hook Rye.
LeNell’s Red Hook Rye comes with a price tag of $30,000 or more, and the bourbon was taken from four barrels sourced by the Willet Family Estate, resulting in only 852 bottles. The scarcity of this bottle makes it highly desirable among collectors, but if you’re looking for something less pricey, a 1984 bottle of Karuizawa goes for $15,266.24, and a 1984 Macallan is only $4,070.