halved coconut with milk splashing
Who Produces Costco's Kirkland Brand Coconut Water?
By Crystal Antonace
Costco's in-house Kirkland products are often convenient and cost-effective while being strikingly similar to your favorite name brand. One such product is their coconut water.
Costco has two organic coconut water varieties under the Kirkland label that are similar in packaging and nutrition when compared to their possible name-brand counterparts.
Costco offers Tetra-packed, shelf-stable coconut water similar in appearance to name-brand Vitacoco. It's certified organic and a product of the Philippines.
Costco also offers refrigerated organic coconut water similar in color and packaging to the brand Harmless Harvest. This product is certified organic but manufactured in Thailand.
Unfortunately, many coconut water suppliers have manufacturing facilities in Thailand and the Philippines, so finding Kirkland's exact supply partners may be impossible.