Fresh red onion on a white background. Copy space
Which U.S. State Produces The Most Onions?
By Nico Danilovich
Since their migration from Central Asia, onions have become an incredibly popular vegetable in the U.S. for their sharp taste, ability to add complexity to dishes, and wide variety that includes red, yellow, white, and sweet onions. One state, in particular, is responsible for taking up the mantle of growing the largest number of U.S. onions.
As recently as 2021, USDA data showed that California led the states when it comes to total onion production, and in 2020 alone, California planted and harvested more than 100,000 acres. California's large size and geographic variability provide a multitude of regions for onion varieties that need different day spans for growth.
Irregular weather patterns and natural disasters like wildfires, in combination with California's current drought, are challenges that pose a threat to the California onion industry. However, these problems aren't unique to the Golden State, so even if California takes a hit, it could remain the champion of U.S. onion production.