Dirt road through maize green field under blue sky in Ukraine
Which U.S. State Produces The Most Corn?
By Nick Johnson
Everyone loves corn, and not just because it can be used in everything from dough for tortillas to buttery popcorn at the movies. There’s one Midwestern state we have to thank for this notoriously versatile crop, as it’s consistently the leader in corn production and has even earned itself the unofficial nickname of The Corn State.
With its long growing season, considerable rainfall, and fertile soil, it’s no surprise that Iowa takes the lead for corn production, with 143 billion pounds being produced in 2021 alone. Apart from corn, Iowa also takes the lead for 2021’s pork and egg production, and was the soybean production runner-up to Illinois.
There are many varieties of corn produced, and they trickle into our diet from a standard corn-on-the-cob to cereals, corn syrups, and even oils. According to Iowa Corn, 50% of the state's corn supply is turned into ethanol, a renewable fuel source, and over 40% of the annual corn crop goes toward feeding livestock.