Close-up of garlic bulb with shoots and peppercorns
Where To Store Garlic To Prevent Sprouting
By Andra Picincu
Those little green sprouts that typically pop out of old garlic cloves can have a bitter flavor, but sprouted garlic is actually more nutritious than its fresh counterpart. However, those sprouts indicate that your garlic is about to go bad and should be consumed as soon as possible, so it's better to prevent them in the first place.
One way to keep your garlic from sprouting is to freeze the whole bulb or the separated cloves, or you can chop it, arrange it in a single layer, and freeze the whole thing. You can also puree the garlic with a little olive oil, divide the paste into portions, and freeze them in plastic bags.
Sprouting occurs faster in cold temperatures, so refrigerating fresh garlic isn’t ideal. To store fresh garlic, place it in a ceramic container or bowl to ensure good airflow, and then put the container in a cool, dry place, like a cabinet or drawer.