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Where Is Yumble from Shark
Tank Today?
By Nick Johnson
After realizing how difficult it was to fit healthy food into their family’s hectic schedules, David and Joanna Parker founded Yumble, which sent pre-made, kid-friendly, nutritious meals directly to people’s homes. Their product caused a lot of wheeling and dealing on “Shark Tank,” but David and Joanna eventually struck a deal with guest shark Bethany Frankel.
However, during a 2021 interview with Forbes, Joanna Parker revealed that even though Frankel seemed enthusiastic about her investment on “Shark Tank,” she never completed the deal. As of December 2022, the Yumble Kids website states that the company has ceased production.
They were bought out by Dibz Kidz, which has subsequently rebranded itself as Yumble. The company still abides by a set of values that are similar to those of the original Yumble, but the current Yumble lunch box offerings are primarily filled with snack foods and are seemingly less health-focused than the original brand's products.