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Where Is Wine Balloon From Shark Tank Today?
By Stacie Adams
A bottle of wine begins to lose its quality once it’s open and exposed to air, which is why inventor Eric Corti invented the wine preservation system Wine Balloon. Corti’s system, which uses a medical-grade balloon to create an air-tight seal on an open bottle of wine, managed to sway Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban to a deal during its Season 3 appearance on “Shark Tank.”
However, Corti’s deal with Cuban and Greiner wasn’t finalized, and he would go on to appear on another pitch show called “Invention Hunters.” He also rebranded Wine Balloon to Air Cork, and the rebranded company's website currently features four different designs, each of which is priced at $28.50.
The website also offers the option of reselling the Air Cork, and the product can be found on Amazon. The company's Facebook page appears to be updated regularly, while Corti's LinkedIn profile lists him as the current owner of Air Cork, proving that he made a wise decision to stick to his guns.